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The island of Symi

Colour, glamour and old-world charm

Thanks to its unique elegance and special ambience, Symi has become a second home for people from all over the world.

Whether you arrive at Gialos by ferry or cruise ship, you will be welcomed by the imposing homes of this multicoloured, listed neoclassical settlement. In its tavernas and restaurants you’ll sample the famous Symi shrimps.

While on the other side of the island you’ll light a candle and say a prayer at Taxiarchis Michael of Panormitis, the monastery that houses the icon of the famous miracle worker. Welcome to Symi!


A different island experience on the edge of the Aegean

Geographically, Symi is part of the Dodecanese island chain, located about 41 kilometres (25 miles) north-northwest of Rhodes (and 425 km (264 mi) from Piraeus, the port of Athens), with 58.1 square kilometres (22.4 sq mi) of mountainous terrain.

Its interior is dotted with small valleys, and its coastline alternates between rocky cliffs and beaches, and isolated coves. Its main town, located on the northeast coast, is also named Symi and consists of the lower town around the harbour, typically referred to as Yialos, and the upper town is called Horio or Ano Symi. Other inhabited localities are Pedi, Nimborio, Marathounda and Panormitis.

Panormitis is the location of the island’s famous monastery which is visited by people from all over the world, and many Greeks pay homage to St Michael of Panormitis each year.

Hidden gems of Symi

Symi shrimps
This is the most famous and traditional dish in Symi. Small and flavourful, you’ll eat them fried in the tavernas of Gialo and Horio.

The Nautical Museum
Sponge diving and other underwater stories await you at this museum which is housed in an impressive neoclassical building in Symi’s old shipyard. Put this on the top of things to do during your holiday on the island.

Set sail for the beaches of Symi
Day cruises will take you to whatever beach you chose; whether it’s Ai-Giorgi, Dysalona, Agia Marina, Nanou or Fokospilia, you’re bound to have a wonderful time. And, as Gialos recedes into the distance, you can take a last admiring glance at all its neoclassical splendour.


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